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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 20, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> we have the elite runners, over 50,000 people. the tortilla cause has already begun. we are here at the start line. they will have to of course go over the infamous hayes street hill.
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everyone will be going up that. we will be along the route with cameras, attracting people as they are huffing in and puffing. after that, you have the golden gate park. a beautiful is called a clear sense at ocean beach. we will be tracking the runners including the elite runners as they make their way across the finish line. >>vern: could anyone has not seen this, this is your home for the duration of the race. living. this will be my seat. i have my helmet, i will be right in front of the lead man. i want to see who's going to get that $5,000 at the top of hayes st. hill and who will walk away with $40,000 in bonus money.
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>> vern glenn will be falling all the action. >>pam: when we come back will get some analysis from the former winner, 1986 winner and iverson and we will watch the start of the 2012 zazzle bay to breakers.
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>> $7,000 goes to the first man and woman and then
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$5,000 to the top -- the first and at the top of the pastries filled. >>gary: the last >> we have a three-time olympian that will be waiting battle with three or four east africans. how think if he has a great outing he could be in the top three. >>pam: you were the last american to win. >> we certainly have the talent in the u.s. to get the job done. a pair >>pam: there are a lot of people out at the starting line who are running for fun but there are some running for some serious
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money. the first person to cross the finish line man and woman gets a $25,000 prize. the first place man and woman each received $7,000 feared the first man and woman to top hayes st. hill flynn and additional $5,000. the man or woman who breaks the course record will get another $3,000. there are some serious competitors out there running today. >> he is favored to win in a very tough field. just edged out at the finish line last year this letter will be of her peers having just run the fastest tend mile time in the world. how sarah peterson is the no. 6 seed overall and a top u.s. prospects.
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she has won a 12 k and 5 k this year and finished in the top 10 last year at bay to breakers. >>gary: left at fifth they folded. to top everything you'll hear expert commentary but right now, the expert race start with james fletcher. >>james: here we are. it is awfully close. it is 6:55 a.m.. they are getting ready to start a pistol into the elite women runners will start. 6-5-for-3-to-one. they are off, the elite runners, the women's runners are on their way. >>pam: it is a staggered
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start so that the men and women do not end up competing together. >>gary: when you won in 1986, what was the prize was >>mark: there was a bmw, but it was only for one year, i had to give it back. there was also a trip to paris. >>gary: the women have started, let's get the men started.
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>>pam: here is a look at your top runners from men. >>pam: sammy is the one who is favored to win. >> he just one of the world's fastest 10 k in pr. this we are hoping that our
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american will be in there. quite frankly he is preparing for the marathon in london, he has made the olympic team there. check thinking is more so focusing of london. a at call how how has half hawks its member of a
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handicapped the reason to give the women 84 minute if start. the men have to basically run 37 seconds per mile faster to get the women. it is always fun to watch those first few mild. >>gary: are you ready for james fletcher? we're getting the men's event rolling. >>james: everyone is having a good time out here at the starlight. we're 30 seconds away for the elite male runners. we are at the corner of howard and veal.
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runners are at the start line into ready to go. we are 10 seconds away from ago. 7-6-5-4-3-2-1. >>pam: 40,000 people registered officially to run but there are thousands more who joined in the race into the man are off. >>gary: a quick start.
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>> there is a lead pack that has already formed. you want to get yourself in that lead pack. you do not want to necessarily be leading the but you want to be in the lead pack. >>pam: for those of you just joining us, the fed has just sounded for the elite men in the 2012 zazzle bay to breakers race. believe women started less than five minutes prior. the race started back in 1912 with only 112 runners. today, more than 50,000 are on the course. lead runners will cover the full course in about 35 minutes. runners in the back of the pact could take two-three hours. the course is 7.46 mi. long it cuts the city of san francisco in half as runners make their way from the bay to breakers at ocean beach. >>gary: is there any other race similar to those around
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the world? >> there is a city to serve rates in australia. a quarter of a century ago i ran a particular race. have a similar format. i do not know if there are as many costumes or albino guerrillas. hong cost many of these events become destination races. people want to go. >>gary: what were you dressed as? >> as a skinny one of the 35 power her honor. i had a great time. >>pam: we're looking at the man, they are packed together. most of the lead runners are pretty close. this in the race. no. 22 is our american.
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tsks xi qr och >>pam: on the right side of your screen is a picture of the women. she is ethiopian, she placed second in bay to breakers last year. it looks like she has the lead to herself. >> a heartbreaking finish for her last year. it was a one second victory by someone else. already, which conceded she is quick to be running against the clock. >>gary: , ideally do you want someone running with you? >> the year that i won, we had a group of men to the top of hayes street and then i crested before anyone else and power down the backside. i was on my own the entire
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way. for some people, they relax a little bit more when they do not have any one of them. you get into a good rhythm. it looks like right now she is in a nice rhythm. she is not thinking about a personal way, she is thinking about making sure she does not get caught by the men. remember, there is a $25,000 bonus to the first person across the finish line. she is not only running to be the women, she is running to be the man. >>pam: the women started earlier than the man. it is designed by race officials to set up a dramatic finish of the great highway in the big payday for the weather. the race begins at the corner of veal in howard street in downtown difference is trustee. the elite women's are 4 minutes 36 seconds before the man. that is a head start of almost 1 mi.. as a woman approached the 2.5 mi. marker at the top of he's hill, the gap will close quickly.
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only three minutes will separate the leaders. at the 4 mi. mark as they enter golden gate park the men will shave another minute of time. near the 6 mi. mark, the lead man will see believe a woman running. with the lead woman makes the turn onto the great highway, she will be only seconds ahead of the lead man setting up the final take to the finish. >>gary: when you are not challenged like this, is there a tendency to have a slower time? >> yes. it is all we seek if you have this energy of the pack pushing things along provided that one of the people in the attack is taking the lead. sometimes you get a group of men running to get like this in the start looking around saying, i do not want to take the lead, you take the lead. sometimes running in the pack will be slower if you do not have a designated pace setter. there is no designated pace
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setter in the skies. >>pam: how important is it to know the style of your opponents? >> you need to know your strengths and weaknesses as well as work on its strengths and weaknesses. they have a good rhythm going. i do not think there are running super hard. the pack is not stretched out. there are six men running in the same pack. to me that indicates they probably are not running super fast. >>pam: the man we're looking at right now, in the red shirt is sammy from kenya. next to him the american and another canyon. he said he thought they would do well. >> the man in the blue next
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to sammy, he is also, he finished second in the 10 mi. trip also rates, he is considered one of the strong runners. right now, all of the man we thought would be favorites are placed right in there. xi american right now is in sixth place. >>gary: matt has the chance to be the first american to win
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>> he has represented the united states into different olympic teams. >> he went to college at ucla. >> he is a great young man.
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70 ethiopians and the kenyans have a wonderful tradition. to me, it looks like she came here with the specific full of not only will meet the wishes to raise that tried to win the battle of the breakers. she has thrown down the gauntlet early on. she has thrown caution to the wind, so to speak. she is on pace st. help. remember, the first person to the top of pastry filled gets a $5,000 bonus. >> to have this big of a lead this early on means she is head and shoulders above everyone else fitness wise or, she has come in with the specific goal to with the challenge.
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>>pam: she just crusted the top of the hill. we know that she has at least that $5,000 bonus money. >> if you are the first person to the top of the help, you're cruising down while the others are going down. it is a great strategy on her part. now, she believed in her league. she already had a pretty commanding lead. she will lead the lead on every stride. >>pam: she won a 12 k in spokane, washington. do they have a lot of help? >> yes. house she is demonstrating an indication of great fitness and ability thin to being able to call those hills.
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>>gary: in terms of a challenging course, where does san francisco right? however we certainly have good health indicates street held, because telomerase. 2.5 mi. into the race. this is a 7.5 mi. they saw who did you get a big help overhaul or still relatively fresh is a good thing. if you are a good downhill runner, you consult the backside of this downhill as to go to golden gate park in the use your momentum to role of the downhill. that is one reason why i think sammy, our course record-holder, he is a little bit taller and a good downhill runner. >>gary: where do you make your move ideally? >> again, with fees grew cotton to be in that lead pack up towards the front. you do not want to go too early. if you hit the hill to early, you could get the lactic acid going a little bit. we can see right now is
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going to come down to two men. xi >>gary: do they have $5,000 on their mind right now? >> it goes a long way in kenya. >>pam: the men are coming up in and about to crest hasty hill. is if you already anticipating the man getting on her heels? >> yes. she knows the men are back there. cox they know that she has to run -- she knows that they have to run 37 seconds per mile faster in order to catch up with her. knopf >>pam: sammy from kenya is as the lead of the pack.
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>> this distance is in his wheel house. he is one of the best half marathoners in the world. he runs them in under an hour. i think people are waiting for him to transition to the marathon because they think he will blow the marathon distance.
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>>gary: what is the peak age for people in this event? >> in generally mid-late 20's. you can still be competitive in your early '30's, certainly, but i would say in your 20s. >>pam: as we go to a break, we just saw the first female hit the hayes st. hill and sammy from kenya doing the same for the man, it will collect $5,000 just doing that. as they head down the hill we will take a quick break and be right back.
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cost yet been hit thought
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meryl welcome back to the 101st running of the zazzle bay to breakers. >>gary: during the break pam said it would be great to have a woman to win this event. it us high saugh hall isn't
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this this house half be a savvy deal the and this, month she came in second place last year. >> she has a nice, fluid is tried. like a track runner in many regards in terms of being up on her toes. the women start of 4 minutes
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36 seconds ahead at the men. if you cranston numbers, the men would have to run 37 seconds a mile faster to catch them at the finish line. cox hah >> this is the emmy from kenya. he is the lead guy right now. in the ethiopian, that is what we it be expected. hawker they're coming off of good races. >>gary: your old roommate, mack, the american is not in
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there? >> he is preparing for london, he is using this as a team of les, and now the focus of this season. >>gary: he will only be the -- you will remain the only american since 1986 to rid iraq unmarked and at >>pam: and they are entering golden gate park. gametes >> -- >>stanley: is in red, sometimes the canyons in ethiopians get a little competitive with one nation following another. >>gary: we are headed for home. for those of you who want pelvis and all the costumes, that is coming up as well.
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fear chaos crafts >>pam: welcome back. you're looking at the leading woman in the far right hand for a year's leave fifth the men are now moving into golden gate park. alcohol tiffs they are pretty close. i wasn't asking you, the men
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all thing to know one another. in other sports here is a lot of trash talk, do they have? >> if it is a little, but not a lot. we expect one another. during my career i've learned a little canyon, i would learn to say run is lower in generally that would get a smile. >>gary: why do the kenyons dominate this stuff? >> they are tremendously talented men it women. the do aerobic conditioning from a very early age. for many of them, there is a
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way out, that becomes a part of the culture as well. genes are part of a package. the work and develop their talents. there is not a mcdonald's on every street corner either. >>pam: we are looking at no. 21, sammy from kenya and another kenyan next to him. >> i do not think there trash talking right now. >>pam: >>gary: we have a winner coming in the men's in women's divisions.
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in a few minutes we will crowd the women's champion in the men's champion. the poorhouse >> we have smooth guy clear of it. i'm going he knows what use would have to do at this line. he is a very strong light and a call her game. he fell short, he ended up running strong in and dropped out at 30 k, for the finish, but this distance is really in his wheel house. he will be difficult to beat. >>pam: the 22 year old next
8:42 am
him, what is he thinking of? >> he is probably familiar with the printing capability of his opponent curious right out looks like he's just >>pam: he is almost behind sammy. >> that is fine at this stage of the race. hot you're doing more work if you're in the for the curious how how clearheaded annulment
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>>gary: in >> >>pam: on the right hand side of the race, the female lead runner. she has basically it will the entire race. >> this is the loneliness of the long distance runner. she had the look of concentration on her face. the casinos that the men, with each stride are leading in -- even internally. i am very impressed with her. she is a good downhill run a furious use of on her toes into the living well. she does not want to relax at all because he knows that those men will become
8:44 am
>>gary: she has been very solid. >> she is in ethiopia weather. if she won the lilac looms rates in spokane a few weeks ago. she did very well there. that means of this is very strong there. she came in second place last year, just by one second in bay to breakers. >>pam: in third place the year before that. the men are on the left side of the screen. sammy is out front for the second place winner is not far before the only bid was 11 out front. tatami cautious i think he
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is inspired by the fact that he sees the female runner had. >>pam: to do these elite runners to other sports? >> this is our bread and butter.
8:47 am
big anti-competitive in track and field as well. >>gary: you can make a career financially to this? >> yes. at the elite level, yes. and generally top collegians every year can come out and get a shoe contract which would give him some stability. it is not like the nfl or nba, but it can be done. a lot of your stability comes from a shoe contract. there is also prize money, appearance fees in other sponsorships. if you are running at the highest level, these men and
8:48 am
women are professional athletes in every sense of the word it it >>pam: this is the lead woman from ethiopia. no one on her heels right now. >> she is a woman on a mission. was she terms of the great highway, only has 400 m to go. she is in great position. it's
8:49 am
>>gary: how many female winners have one? >> she is within 200 m. he is gaining, it will be interesting to see with the differential is but unless she breaks down here, she will get that $25,000 bonus for being the first person to cross the race. call hand >> here she comes crossing the finish line. we will find out her time shortly. how call or here is the cme
8:50 am
crossing the finish line. first and second places. >> a 15 second difference between the two of them. >> i believe the women have won 83 times. -- only three times. >>pam: of the lee woman runner come in first place for the women in the entire race. >>gary: from the minute we started showing her she had been leading. >> it like to find a gap between them with 15 seconds. we was probably frustrating him to see the gap clothing and other he would not get. hats off to tosca, the overall women's winner.
8:51 am
announcer: lee will be right back with more zazzle bay to breakers. cost of the hog and habit
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announcer: welcome back to the 101st running of zazzle bay to breakers.
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>>pam: we have seen the winners cross the finish line at the breakers along the great highway. we want to show you the elite runners for the men into women. lendl the overall race winner is the ethiopian woman. her overall time was 39 minutes 42 seconds. here's a look at the top man. sammy from kenya to was the first to cross. there is a look at the first, second and third for the only man.
8:55 am
>> does that have a better date. she ran closer to the women's record that he did demands. in >>j.r.: there are a few stragglers still trying to make their way through. the workers are doing a great job of breaking everything down. this is what is left of the start line. this week -- the streets
8:56 am
are being swept as we speak. a lot of people in costumes came by in and i am sure they are having a good time in golden gate park where vicki liviakis is standing by. >>vicki: is this supposed to be a race? i feel like we are at the bay to breakers parade route. we have a parade of people in costumes into some in costume. in the background you can hear some music. the costumes are being judged over in the tent. this is probably one of the most scenic locations. it is flat, we will see who makes it to the finish line. >> it is a rocking party at the bay to breakers finish line. in the distance, you can see why. people are done in writing. i have seen a superman come through here, batman, the flatfooted there is a lot
8:57 am
going on. on hayes street is where we can find henry tenenbaum. >>henry: we are here on hayes street hill. i like to the of this as the at the center of bitter breakers let's face it, all of the action is right here. in that general, today has been relatively calm, no liquor or floats. the mood has been fabulous. i would also have to say that some of the costumes have a very creative. a little more nudity that we are used to seeing.
8:58 am
or >>pam: it must be pretty warm out there today. we'll take a break in and be right back. asked faugh house of metal
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to a >> welcome back to the 101st running of zazzle bay to breakers. >>gary: before we join all the fun of the bay to breakers, we should say from the gambling aspect, for those of you bedding, both favorites won. >> it was kind of interesting. they did a good job heavy capping the race. when the woman in the man favored side and the living. it does not always happen that way. there were very good competitive and intense the disease is in-house saugh
9:02 am
>>vicki: we're in golden gate park, one of the most scenic locations. do not pan over there, we have the people in their birthday suits. it looks like the president has dropped by in he is here to greet all of the people. we have an interesting group, this is the occupy it bay to breakers tend to. " and
9:03 am
>>j.r.: we have music at the finish line. in his rocking party in hot outside. larry bird is here at bay to breakers. let me go over some of the other costumes as the music plays. henry tenenbaum is live on pastry. >>henry: i am live at the golden gate bridge. >> they called as a float. we are not a full because we do not have any wheels. >>henry: the golden gate bridge is not a fluke and is qualified to be on bay to breakers.
9:04 am
>>pam: bay to breakers is something new and different this year. fees they implanted sensors into the babes of runners who wanted them. those sensors were connected to markers on the ground along the route. they posted your time on to facebook when you crossed over those markers and at the finish line is they would post a 15 second video of you crossing the finish line.
9:05 am
>>gary: it is pretty nice out there. it is a beautiful day out there. >> as a runner, you want to be cold of the starting line. it looks like a nice day of the air. the winners, their time was about one minute of, i think he could have had something to do with that but it was not oppressively warm. the humidity was ok. only most people will have any issues. >>pam: do all the runners come in ahead of time and run the course? >> sometimes you get in the night before in the first time ec the course is
9:06 am
running it. many of the runners come in a couple days before it ran the course. >>gary: when we come back we will speak to vern glenn ended the winner of the mail division. -- the men's division. baba baba kenneth death at
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at lenin
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>> he was the to the other nine ended up in 10 champion. there's always next year.
9:11 am
>> he missed out on $25,000. it was due to the tremendous efforts of the female runner. up front, she ran by herself and to call the $25,000. she did not ease up until she hit the tape. as he was running with the pack. they were saying, you do the work. >> it means they were not pushing the pace, there were only running to stay close to him but they were not putting the extra effort needed to catch the woman in front. finally, when sammy was able to spot her with about 1 mi. to go he realized, i will have to work hard to catch her, that is when we saw him pull away. at the end he had no problem clear the way. he should have been putting bad effort in earlier, and then come he would call her.
9:12 am
>>gary: is a commonplace the women to get a headstart? >> many of their races they do not get a headstart but there's not a bonus for the first man or woman who comes across the finish line. this is a and different format. >>pam: when he says, the other guys had me do the work, >> they were just trying to stay with him. it was a matter of them saying, i'm going to try and beat you today.
9:13 am
>>pam: i am happy that the female runner one. >> she worked really hard out there. hats off to her. >>gary: vern glenn as of the women's champion. >>vern: we are with the winner in the females category, $37,000 which for. that will put a smile on your face. >> yes. >>vern: tell us about the race. you came in second place last year. >> i'm very happy that i won.
9:14 am
>>vern: congratulations on a terrific race. >>gary: this is one of the few races where the women are given a head start. >>pam: just to even the playing field. we are going to take a break. announcer: there is more craziness in store with the kron4 tough version of zazzle bay to breakers presented by store your files. q
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announcer: welcome back here are your hosts. >>gary: we're calling to have some fun with)á activities. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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is a definitely great. finish line. what are you? >>j.r.: how does it feel to be the set? >> it is an honor. >> we are poker players. >> you pushed this idea? >> i did.
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announcer: welcome back to the 101st running of zazzle bay to breakers. >>pam: thousands of people have made their way from the bay to breakers on that 101st running of the bay to breakers. we want to show you the
9:51 am
winners in the elite category. this is the overall race winner. this here is a look at the top men in today's race. >>gary:
9:52 am
>>henry: there are many beautiful people here. as you can see
9:53 am
>>henry: >> we met at bay to breakers last year in the now, we're getting married. >>henry: what was in her style of running? >>henry: congratulations.
9:54 am
>> this is peter pan. >> this is a christmas of viking. >> this is great. i love the colors. i love this idea over here. >> what is the best memory.
9:55 am
in >>vicki: this over here we have bay to breakers babies. about 50,000 of your best friends are running this race. >> i am running to keep an eye on my daughter. she loves this race in looks forward to it every year.
9:56 am
9:57 am
first cost >>pam: in how many races can you get a band playing in the middle of the rates? thank you for joining our coverage. thank you for being with us. we will see next year.
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